Peter Dahl

FabAcademy 2018

About me

My name is Peter and I am 36 years old. I live in an old house with my wife and two small girls. After 10 years as a primary school teacher, teaching science, design and art, I just got hired at Fablab Spinderihallerne in Vejle, Denmark, as a learning facilitator within the Fablab. My function is helping out primary schools and colleges wanting to invest in their own Maker Space or Fablab based learning activities.

Previously, I have worked at Fablab Aarhus as a learning facilitator and at Vinding Maker lab, a Maker Space at a primary school, where I worked extensively with the design process and different approaches to 21st Century Skills. I build up the lab from scratch together with the kids at the school in the age of 10-14.

I have taken a master subject in digital production and design process 3 years ago at Aarhus University, which speeded up my interest in the Fablab concept.

I am personally interested in the Maker culture, maybe because I was born and raised in a home where both my father and brother are entrepreneurs, so inventing and designing has always come naturally during my childhood as well as today.

Throughout my years as a teacher I experienced so many great moments working on projects together with kids. My aim is to search the field of a didactically way of inventing prototypes, building machines, working with vectors and programming together with kids in an educational context. To let the students work with an open mindset and the Fablab-thinking in their education with a belief that they could make almost everything.